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  • Ying Ping Chang

    Department of Agricultural and Food Science, Faculty of Science, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman, Kampar, Malaysia

    I would like to express my gratitude to the responsive editorial team of FSE for their continuous feedback throughout the publishing process. They are dedicated and always strive for the best outcome.

    Author from Food Science and Engineering

  • Saminu Musa Magami

    Wigan, Greater Manchester, United Kingdom

    I must say that your peer review process is as good and thorough as any that I have seen (and I have seen many). It certainly is up to the standard. The editorial process used by FCE is also very efficient and fit for purpose.

    Author from Fine Chemical Engineering

  • Shalini Gupta

    Department of Mathematics and Statistics, Himachal Pradesh University, Shimla-171005, India

    The entire process, from the initial submission to the final publication, was marked by professionalism and efficiency. Your dedication to maintain the high standards of Contemporary Mathematics was evident in the thorough and constructive peer-review process that helped us improve our manuscript substantially. The insightful comments and suggestions from the reviewers undoubtedly contributed to the overall quality of the paper. We are also grateful to your editorial team for their prompt and responsive communication throughout this journey. Their guidance and support in addressing various technical and formatting aspects were invaluable. We look forward to your support in our future submissions.

    Author from Contemporary Mathematics

  • Md. Alamgir Hossain

    Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Prime University, Dhaka 1216, Bangladesh

    Publishing my research in the Artificial Intelligence Evolution (AIE) journal was an absolute pleasure. The AIE team demonstrated a deep commitment to the quality and integrity of the research they publish. The speed at which my article went through review, revision, and eventual publication was impressive. I'm thankful for this opportunity and wholeheartedly recommend AIE to researchers in the field of artificial intelligence. Their commitment to excellence and their support for authors make it a top choice for scholarly publication.

    Author from Artificial Intelligence Evolution

  • Nathania Puspitasa

    Department of Chemical Engineering, Widya Mandala Surabaya Catholic University, Surabaya, Indonesia

    It was my first experience of publishing article in Fine Chemical Engineering Journal. All my questions or notifications regarding articles were handled quickly and professionally. The comments and recommendations from reviewers were really helpful for me. Overall, I’m very impressed with the fast and well-organized publishing process of this journal.

    Author from Fine Chemical Engineering

  • Nitakshi Goyal

    Department of Mathematics, Akal Degree College, Mastuana Sahib (Sangrur), India

    I am proud to have an opportunity to publish my manuscript in your esteemed Journal ''contemporary Mathematics''. I enjoyed the overall experience from preparation to publication. Even though this was my first attempt, you made me feel very comfortable and supported me in each step very well. The manuscript preparation, uploading and its corrections, all the steps are so user friendly. The commendable thing is the fast responses that I got from your side for any query.

    Author from Contemporary Mathematics

  • S. Udayabaskaran

    Department of Mathematics, Vel Tech Rangarajan Dr. Sagunthala R&D Institute of Science and Technology, Avadi, Chennai, Tamilnadu 600062, India

    I wish to share with you that the review process was very meticulous and helpful. All the reviewers never compromised with any ommision and shortfall in the paper. I very much appreciate the typesetting of the article error free and its ultimate outlook inside the journal is excellent.

    Author from Contemporary Mathematics

  • Iram Javeed

    School of Economics, Regional Institute of Management and Technology University, Mandi Gobindgarh, Punjab, India

    It was a wonderful experience as I got to learn a lot while publishing my article with Universal Wiser Publisher. Extremely cooperative, timely response, professional and helpful nature of the editorial board encouraged me to deliver the best. The reviewer's suggestions added more knowledge to my work and broadened my horizon. I am very thankful to the Editor Universal Wiser for considering my work and I hope all the corrections made while writing the manuscript will bring more improvement in my future work as a researcher. I will also advise future researchers to publish their work in this high quality renowned journal. I wish them more fame and success, looking forward to more collaborations with them in future.

    Author from Global Economics Science

  • Louis K. Tadros

    Agricultural Chemistry Department, Faculty of Agriculture, Mansoura University, Egypt

    I would like to inform you that i am so happy and appreciate your effort also you are patient and helpful during the preparation for this work.This feeling which i have now reflected the happiness to see your work is published looks like the feeling when you have seen the success of your son in lif . My hope, espcially , in new year , more success for our Journal.

    Author from Food Science and Engineering

  • Gorenand Prasad Yadav

    Agricultural and Food Engineering Department, Indian Institute of Technology Kharagpur, Kharagpur, West Bengal-721302, India

    I had a great feeling while contacting the Journal every time. I got very fast response to every email. As far as review process is concerned, review process of the Journal is very fast with detailed review of the paper. Publication time is very short or I would say publication time is shorter than any other journal. 

    Author from Food Science and Engineering